Digital Check SmartSource® Expert Micro Elite – Network-Ready RDC Scanner

The SmartSource Expert Micro Elite is Digital Check’s first single-feed check scanner with built-in network technology. The embedded processor running our SecureLink 2.0 API allows browser-based control from any connected PC or handheld device, including tablets, smartphones, and other touchscreens. It is an ideal solution for networked Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) or specialty branch situations.

Based on the popular SmartSource Micro Elite, this device measures just 7 inches by 5 inches, about the size of a postcard. It has all the same features of its cousin, including ID card capture and a rated speed of up to 45 documents per minute. Its built-in processing power handles key functions such as image compression onboard the scanner, greatly reducing the device’s network bandwidth consumption. The Micro Elite is an affordable, OS-independent intelligent device that is ideally suited for thin-client workstations and virtual desktop environments.

It may be a single-feed scanner, but the SmartSource Elite is made to handle documents as quickly as you can put them into the feeder. At a rated speed of up to 45 documents per minute, it’s about as fast as you can get while still being a single-feed device.

Teller-grade components make the Elite as durable and low-maintenance as many comparable devices priced twice as high. You can be sure that your scanner will be ready when you need it.

Available in the following models:

SSX1-MICROELITE-RN – Digital Check SmartSource Expert Micro Elite

SSX1-MICROELITE-RNIJ – Digital Check SmartSource Expert Micro Elite w/inkjet