Experience Management Software

In today’s complex, competitive world, simple is better. With the right tools, companies can manage employee and customer experiences in order to increase profitability.

We’ve partnered with Brand Integrity, a leader in experience management, in order to help you do just that.

Introducing Potential Point by Brand Integrity. A comprehensive software solution, Potential Point is designed to capture employee’s ideas and experiences in real-time, give customers direct access to your management, and recognize employees for their excellence. This cloud-based tool is simple to implement and can be used as a standalone solution or easily integrated with HR, Marketing, CRM, and other enterprise systems.

How It Works

Employee Experience Assessments
Ongoing measurement of employee alignment, engagement, and experience with your brand.

Strategic Recognition
Leadership-driven, peer-to-peer social process that captures and shares best practices aligned with your brand and desired customer experience.

Customer Experience Feedback
Ongoing measurement of customer loyalty based on the consistency of experiences delivered by your company.


Impact Results.
Use real-time employee experience and customer feedback data to make decisions.

Gain Leadership Visibility.
Know whether employees are delivering your company’s desired customer experience.

Save Money. Run in The Cloud.
No hardware purchase, software installations, or network set-up required. Use Potential Point™ as standalone service or integrate with other enterprise systems.

Go Beyond Software.
Get the tools needed to understand important data about the experience your company is delivering-from training and communications to reporting and analysis.

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