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Our Story

The SalesSource International Team has been working with financial institutions and supporting their technology needs for a combined 40 years. How time flies!

Owners Pat and Dan began working with desktop financial equipment before technology made everything smaller and less expensive. Since then, equipment has become ever more of a commodity, and choices more limited by software, even as choices in technology or scanners grew.

Pat and Dan began to see a trend they didn’t like. Hardware vendors, those usually considered Value-Added Resellers, were losing the ability to actually add value and became nothing more than product shippers or distributors of equipment—with customers perceiving no value other than price.

So, Pat and Dan made the decision to start SalesSource International (SSI). And they haven’t looked back since.

Dan Maslich


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Jason Elliott

Services Manager

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Howard Maslich

Chairman Advisory Board

Jane Elliott

Business Development

Zach Dries

Service Technician

Bringing Back the Experience

SSI’s mission is to bring back the “Experience” customers value most. To not only take scanner orders and make sure they are delivered on time, but to be so much more than that and bring back the art of the customer experience and quality service.

Pat and Dan started the company with the vision that they could partner with customers to help them grow and become more educated. To be a company that customers can ALWAYS count on to do what is best for them, and not the bottom line. To consistently provide outstanding service, unparalleled responsiveness, with an unending devotion to customer satisfaction.

After five years in business, SSI has grown to a great team of like-minded people who are doing just that.

Your  “Go to” Company

Because our customers matter most, honesty, integrity, and living the experience will always be above profit. We are committed to ensuring our customers see us as a “Go to” company for anything related to service, hardware and supplies. That every individual at their institution is confident they will get an immediate reply from us, and that we will always take care of their needs.

We understand that researching, implementing, and even purchasing equipment can be frustrating or feel like it takes too long. So we work as hard as possible to make sure that’s never the case for you—that making confident choices in hardware and getting the tasks done are truly the easiest things you do all day.

We encourage you to look around and contact us if there is anything we can do to make your day a little easier.

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