We offer flat rate Check Scanner and Teller Printer Repair Services. This flat rate service saves our customers money over the typical Time and Materials Repair. Rest assured that we are fully equipped to repair any scanner or printer efficiently. We offer a fast 7 to 10 day turn around service, or if your needs are more immediate, we can do a 3 day quick turnaround for you. Please simply contact us at 1-877-310-5919, or email us with the model and serial number of your equipment and we will handle the rest.

Not sure if your equipment is worth repairing? It may be worth more than you think! SSI buys and sells refurbished equipment.

Contact us to determine the value of your scanner or teller printer.

Merchant Capture Fulfillment

In the world of RDC Merchant Capture, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. We know needs differ depending on the program level or bank location. So we don’t have a specific or “set” process, instead we customize a program for you. And don’t worry, there are never any extra or hidden fees associated with us hosting your customers’ experience.

Custom Order Portals

In our efforts to keep things as easy as possible for you and/or your customers, we have created custom ordering portals. Customers use the simple method of ordering for: supplies, equipment, repairs/maintenance and troubleshooting. Because we do not store any sensitive information customers don’t need to be bothered with pesky usernames and passwords. A simple link to an easy order page is all that is needed. Customers can complete a task in 5 minutes or less. Each portal is specifically customized for the customer including a customized confirmation email and easy access to history reports. Let us design a sample portal for you today!

Maintenance Contracts

Do you prefer that the financial equipment at your institution is always covered? If so, SalesSource offers annual maintenance contracts that can be customized for your bank or credit union. Options include Overnight Exchange and Depot (mail in) and can all be managed through our simple, state-of-the-art maintenance portals that are set up specifically for your institution. SalesSource is Authorized to repair all of the products we offer, and our technicians are factory trained by the manufacturers that we carry. Contact us so we can help design an affordable maintenance contract for you.

RANGER: The Universal Check Scanner Interface

Providing check scanner independence

What is Ranger?

Ranger Transport API* is a software tool that allows you to use virtually any item processing software with virtually any check scanning hardware. You are no longer limited to using one type of check scanner to run your item processing applications. Ranger gives you the flexibility to use check scanners manufactured by different vendors, without making any changes to your applications.

Ranger also includes a powerful feature called the pass through API, allowing the application developer to call the underlying scanner-specific interface to access unique hardware features.

*API = Application Programming Interface