Digital Check SmartSource® Adaptive – All-Purpose Check and Document Scanner

So you’ve got a batch of checks, but you’ve also got a stack of other papers that go along with them. That’s no problem for the SmartSource Adaptive … the game-changing check and document scanner from Digital Check.

The Adaptive is the only scanner specifically built for the purpose of taking mixed batches of checks and other documents up to full-page size – that’s all at once, not in separate passes. The picture you see on the left is how it really works!

Now improved for 2017 – the new Adaptive 2.0 scanner features faster speeds and increased performance! Updated internal components allow the Adaptive to reach speeds of 105 documents per minute (DPM) for checks, 78 DPM for full-sized pages, and 65 DPM for legal-sized (8.5″ x 14″) sheets – both more than double the speed of the original. Additionally, the scanner no longer slows down to the lowest common speed for mixed batches, treating each individual document as its own entity.

All of this gives the Adaptive the speed and accuracy of a full-fledged check scanner and the size accommodations of a flatbed, with no compromises. The Adaptive features the same bank-grade MICR reading capabilities of all our other check scanners, and with its improved speeds, it can go toe-to-toe with any device found in a branch.

The unique 8.5″ high loading tray includes a swivel mechanism that allows easier alignment of documents and includes advanced double-feed detection and jam clearing.

Compatibility with several popular APIs means the Adaptive can fit into both your banking and document processing workflows with minimal hassle.

Available in the following models:

SSA1-65105-P20 – Digital Check SmartSource Adaptive Open Gray A4 & Check Scanner

SSA1-65105-P20-F – Digital Check SmartSource Adaptive Open Gray A4 & Check Scanner with Franker