Digital Check SmartSource® Micro Adaptive

The SmartSource Micro Adaptive is a single-feed scanner that can handle checks AND full-sized documents up to U.S. Letter size (8.5″ x 11″). Based around the compact design of our Micro Elite series, but with the oversized image sensor of our popular SmartSource Adaptive, this little powerhouse delivers full-featured MICR check capture along with the ability to scan any invoices, purchase orders, or other documentation that goes along with a check.

Each Micro Adaptive also comes with a straight-through path for scanning ID cards, and an optional single-line inkjet can print endorsements on the backs of your checks. The Micro Adaptive is a Serial Embedded (SE) scanner only at this time

The SmartSource Micro Adaptive contains our Serial Embedded (SE) technology – meaning the API and drivers run onboard the scanner itself using a built-in CPU and memory.

This allows the scanner to operate smoothly and with a minimum of compatibility issues across a wide range of operating systems and software environments. The device communicates with the host PC over a USB cable using a streamlined set of commands that make integrations and installations a snap.

Most of the key image processing and compression are done internally aboard the scanner itself, greatly reducing bandwidth and processing requirements on your end.

Available in the following models:

SSM1-MICROADAPTIVE-SE – Digital Check SmartSource Micro Adaptive

SSM1-MICROADAPTIVE-SEIJ – Digital Check SmartSource Micro Adaptive w/inkjet