Panini Vision X Multi Feed

VISION X – This new series includes all the features from the renowned family of Panini My Vision X check image scanners along with enhanced functionality that improves performance, facilitates new applications, and lowers the cost of ownership. The Panini Vision X scanner provides improved MICR reading algorithms with Panini MICR Plus®. Check scanners in this series can capture checks and other items at 50, 75, and 100 dpm, With options of inkjet endorser or non inkjet. handling anywhere from 50 to 120 documents at a time.

Available in the following models:

VX50.1.SF.IJ (50dpm with 50doc feeder and inkjet)

VX50.1.SF.NJ (50dpm with 50doc feeder and no inkjet)

VX75.1.FF.IJ (75dpm with 100doc feeder and inkjet)

VX75.1.FF.NJ (75dpm with 100doc feeder and no inkjet)

VX100.1.FF.IJ (100dpm with 100doc feeder and inkjet)

VX100.1.FF.NJ (100dpm with 100doc feeder and no inkjet)